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Research Reveals Why Women Are Avoiding Science-Related Courses And Careers.


In an effort to determine the cause of the decline in the number of Women in STEM education and carriers, many types of research have been done. (STEM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering And Math.”) Unfortunately, women are the problem themselves.

Girls and Women typically don’t apply for the STEMprograms, often get discouraged, they don’t show any interest in STEM at their young ages, and drop out, both during college time or in the field. Most of these discussions do blame the issues on society as a whole—which explicitly discourages the young women from visualizing themselves as mathematicians, engineers, or scientists.

Researchers from the Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy have found that efforts to encourage girls to take up STEM majors at times backfire by reinforcing female students’ fears that the women are unwanted minorities in these fields.


However—In an article titled “Choice of Majors: Are Women Really Different from Men?“—Women weren’t discouraged by knowing that most of their class/course mates were men. Neither were they discouraged by stereotypes that rebrand STEM fields as “masculine endeavors.”

Professor Kugler of public policy has served in Obama administration as Department of Labor’s chief economist. She was surprised finding out that there is more interest from the women in STEMcareers than her team expected.

“There are many STEM majors where the women outnumber men,” Kugler discovered. “And many others with relatively equal gender ratios. Only a few are male-dominated. And even when ladies enter a major and get most of their course mates are men, they mostly tend to stick it out.”

“It’s only when they’re in a major such as engineering or maths—which is commonly known as ‘masculine,’—that they’re outnumbered by men. However, Men who get lower grades, are likelier to hang in there, since nobody tells them; either consciously or otherwise; that their gender bars them from excelling in this work.”

Despite all these unbiasedness, Kugler said, affected women avoid blaming the sexist structures which hold them back. They’re also more likely to perform better, because, as Kugler’s research proves, women are willing and tough to endure a lot. But the only problem is: there aren’t superheroes, to motivate them to pursue careers which have traditionally been male dominated.

With all these research put in place, the women and black women to be precise should now try to reconsider your plan of enrolling for a course in social science and enroll for pure mathematics courses.

#Women Can Do Engineering Too!


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