Rescued Senegalese Migrant “wins €400,000” in Spain’s Christmas Lottery

News reports have revealed a touching incident where an unemployed Senegalese man who had earlier been rescued by Spanish coast guards 8 years ago, won 400,000 euros ($437,000) in Spain’s annual Christmas lottery.

The man identified as Ngame, had made a risky journey from Morocco 8 years ago on a packed wooden boat, turned out to be the lucky winner of Spain’s annual Christmas lottery, on Wednesday, December 23.

Ngame cooped up the whooping sum of 400,000 euros ($437,000) after being identified as one of the holders of the 1,600 tickets, which turned out to have the winning number in the draw.

Speaking during an interview on his miraculous win, Ngame also revealed that he had entered into Europe Illagally with his wife, 8 long years ago.

Ngame went on to say:


“I just can’t believe this, I can tell you that on some days we do not have five euros between the two of us.”

A local newspaper which published a photo of Ngame holding his winning ticket and looking to be in shock, reported the lucky incident.

Ngame and his wife, had according to reports, arrived 8 years ago on the resort island of Tenerife, a part of Spain’s Canary Islands in the Atlantic off the coast of Morocco.

Ngame had revealed to the newspaper:

“There were 65 people on that boat. I want to give thanks to Spaniards and the Spanish government for rescuing me when I was in the sea.”

Ngame and his wife were rescued by Spain’s coast guards when the boat they had been travelling in ran into trouble.


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