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REPORT: 1,900 Very Young Migrant Women Forced to Offer Themselves to Cross the Franco-Italian Border

A new report published by the non-governmental organization Save the Children reports a worrying situation between Italy and France: very young women migrants from sub-Saharan Africa have to prostitute themselves to pay their smugglers.

report in Italian, published on 27 July by the NGO Save the Children, denounces the forced prostitution of young migrant women who want to cross the border between Italy and France. The file concerns more than 1,900 very young women who would have been exploited between 2017 and 2018.

The report describes “very young and particularly at risk girls, who circulate among the invisible stream of unaccompanied migrant minors in transit on the northern border of Italy, hoping to find their relatives in other countries. European countries, are deprived of the power to travel legally and safely. “

These young women come mainly from the south of the African continent and resort to prostitution to pay smugglers when they do not have the necessary funds to pass, according to the NGO. His report evokes an average sum of 50 to 150 euros. According to Save the Children, cases of prostitution have been recorded in Rome, Sardinia and Veneto.

In June 2018, in the midst of  tensions between France and Italy  over the migration crisis, the British NGO Oxfam released a  report  entitled “Nowhere, and Out”, the conclusions of which were very critical. the conduct of the French police on the Franco-Italian border near Ventimiglia.


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