Replace Zuma Now or Never – Nelson Mandela Foundation Asks ANC!!

The Nelson Mandela Foundation was founded as a non-profit organisation in 1999 by former South African leader Nelson Mandela. The intent of the foundation was a promotion of Mandela’s vision of freedom and equality for all.

Considering Mandela’s legacy in South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Foundation is a very well-respected institution and the foundation has come out in a statement to insist that the ruling ANC party replace President Jacob Zuma because he has “failed the test” and weakened state institutions.

The statement, which was released on Tuesday, saw the Nelson Mandela Foundation asking the ANC to ensure that the country is placed in “safe and capable hands.” The statement by the foundation is coming just as Zuma fights in the courts to block the release of a report by former anti-corruption head Thuli Madonsela.

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The report by Thuli Madonsela is expected to implicate the President in corrupt dealings, and this is one of the points made in the foundation’s statement as it declares that there is an erring political trend in South Africa of “personalising matters of state around a single individual leader.”

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Here is an excerpt from the statement;

“South African citizens across the land are speaking out and taking action to express their dissatisfaction. The Nelson Mandela Foundation supports the demand to hold to account those responsible for compromising our democratic state and looting its resources.


Twenty years since Nelson Mandela signed South Africa’s Constitution into law and as the third anniversary of his passing approaches, it is painful for us at the Nelson Mandela Foundation to bear witness to the wheels coming off the vehicle of our state.

We have seen a weakening of critical institutions such as the South African Revenue Service, the National Prosecuting Authority and law enforcement bodies due to political meddling for private interests.

We are reaping the results of a political trend of personalising matters of state around a single individual leader. This in a constitutional democracy is to be deplored.”

The rest of the statement goes on to criticise the government in other areas like their handling of the current protests at universities. You can see the whole statement here.

President Zuma has survived an impeachment bid and many other calls for him to be replaced and it is unlikely that even this call by the Nelson Mandela Foundation will lead to a decisive move by the ANC to replace him.

Still, it does paint a clear picture of the type of leader Zuma will go down as and it definitely will be a huge opposite of the Nelson Mandela standard.



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