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Renewed Attacks!! South Africans Begin To ‘Revenge’, Sporadic Xenophobic Attacks Recorded In Durban, Soweto!!

With only five days after the Zambia State Police went to assualt South Africa opposition leader of DA Mmusi Maimane at the airport and denied him entry into Zambia, South Africans seem to be revenging in a renewed series of Xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals.

So far, two incidents have been reported by the South African authorities of two unidentified foreign nationals who have been attacked and killed by some unknown people in Durban and Soweto.

Although such news is common in South Africa, there is serious indication that the moves have been motivated by the behavior of the Zambian government towards the DA leader who was mistreated while on a plane.


Maimane opted to attend the Court session of his fellow opposition leader HH who is facing Treason charges and was stopped by Zambian authorities on a premise that he was bound to undermine the independence of the Judiciary in the judgment where Zambian Magistrate David Simusamba was deciding whether or not to commit Hakainde and Five others to High Court for trial.

Earlier, Maimane had issued statements demanding the release of Hakainde unconditionally and later on, the Zambian governing party, the Patriotic Front, issued a statement that the DA leader was merely saved a Court Contempt charge by the police by being denied entry.

However, there is so far no official statement by the South African government over the two deaths of foreigners but speculation among people suggests these are retaliations of what Maimane went through.

There is currently fear among Zambians living in South Africa after this embarrassing incident which has been loudly condemned.

A South African newspaper Mail and Guardian penned an editorial over the incident and described Zambia President Edgar Lungu as a new born coward who was driving Zambia to the same direction Zimbabwe and Angola have gone; of removing freedom of the people from their lives.


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