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Renewable Energies: Senegal Inaugurates the Largest Wind Farm in West Africa (Video)

As part of its plan to promote renewable energy, Senegal inaugurated the largest wind farm in West Africa on Monday.

This zero-emission fleet will provide up to 15% of Senelec’s energy production. Senelec is the national electricity company of Senegal.

Located in Taiba Ndiaye, about 86 kilometers from Dakar, the country’s capital, the wind farm has a capacity of 158 megawatts. It was built in 24 months.


During the inauguration, President Macky Sall presented the park as a way to combat global warming.

“It will prevent the release of 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. With the momentum that we have launched since 2014, we are now at 22% of renewable energy available on our entire national network , “he said.

It was built by the British renewable energy company Lekela, which also has wind farms in Egypt and South Africa.

The government of Senegal has made the development of the energy sector a key part of its plan to make this West African country an emerging economy by 2025.

One of its priorities for achieving this is to increase access to electricity, particularly in rural areas, through wind and photovoltaic energy.

Thanks to this wind farm, an additional 2 million Senegalese will have access to electricity, according to a tweet from the president’s office.


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