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Religious Body under Malawi’s Public Affairs Committee Ask For President Peter Mutharika’s Resignation

Religious groupings under Malawi’s Public Affairs Committee (PAC) have called for President Peter Mutharika’s resignation, citing his failure to solve economic woes within the country,Malawi24 has reported.

PAC delegates demanded that the ruling Democratic Progressives Party (DPP) should “swallow its pride” and accept the fact that Malawi was drowning in its own problems.

In addition, the quasi-religious body also served Mutharika with an ultimatum, giving him 90 days to relinquish power.

Mutharika, however, lashed out at his critics,angrily accusing the PAC of ambushing him.


Mutharika described the group’s demands as unfair, saying that economic and food shortages currently facing the southern African country were not man made, but “a work of God”.

But the PAC has defended its statement, saying that both the recommendations and actionable plans put across to Mutharika were the views of the Malawian public.

“As a country, let us not continue to wait till the system collapses politically and economically then we start acting on these observations. Let us act now in order to prevent violent conflict in our country,” read part of PAC report.

source: News24


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