Relationship: Things Ladies Wish Men Knew About Living Together

Living together with your partner before marriage has its advantages and disadvantages. For bonding and curdle sake it would be fun, but when all the human differences are placed on a plate, it can be annoying.

So before you consider cohabiting, here are tips to what you should expect:

1. Make you watch Telemundo and Zee World

Nigerian ladies and soap opera’s are five and six and they cannot be seperated. You live together, you watch soap’s together there is no escape route.

2. She would tell you the names of all the characters in a movie and expect you to remember.

Babes, Mary Poppings is dead,” she would say. You better know who Mary Poppings is or you are going in for a fight for the next few days.

3. She would get emotional over movies.


Her mood may change at a snap over a bad or unfavourable scene in a movie.

4. You would have to see menstrual blood for 5-7 days every month.

Most guys are usually irritated by the sight of the female period. How does it sound to see it monthly?

5. She would need to snoop on your chats

From time to time, she would need to snoop on your chats, to know who you are chatting with. It is not as bad as it sounds, just a little snoop.

6. She is not as organised as she appears

She probably might have been telling you that she loves cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry. Delete all she might have told you concerning chores, her hobbies are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on the same spot.

7. That she dislikes it when she you watch the game

She would most likely reach a compromise with you, you watch soaps she watches sporting games with you.


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