Regardless Of The Law, I Can’t Allow A Man To Enter A Bathroom With My Wife Or Daughter

A couple of absolutely insane stories from the front lines of the culture war this week. First, Target has announced that its customers can use whatever bathroom coincides with their “gender identity.” So, considering my wife and daughter will not be safe in their facilities anymore, I’m done with Target.

Second, more outrageous, a federal appeals court ruled on Monday that schools don’t have the right to segregate bathrooms based on sex. The majority opinion in the case actually puts scare quotes around “biological sex” and insinuates that no such thing necessarily exists.


A story out of a federal appeals court in Virginia, which found that a high school in the state “discriminated” against a “transgender” student when it forced the teen girl to use the girl’s bathroom. The court ruled that ”transgender” kids should be covered under Title IX protections against “sex discrimination.” The judges have now cleared the way for the girl to sue her school, and in the process the robed fools have, as Ryan Anderson points out, essentially declared that public schools don’t have the right to provide separate bathrooms based on sex.
As usual, the girl, who pretends to be a boy named “Gavin,” had already been provided generous accommodations by the administration. They did far more than I would have done, granting her access to her very own private bathroom. They bent over backwards in every way they could, short of taking the signs off the doors and letting a bunch of hormonal teenagers decide which restroom and locker room they feel like using on any given day. But, predictably, that wasn’t good enough. According to the girl and her lawyers and the Department of Education and now a federal appeals court, anything less than banning sex-segregated bathrooms constitutes a human rights violation.
The majority opinion in this case is as psychotic as you’d expect. It describes the situation by saying, “G.G.’s birth-assigned sex, or so-called ‘biological sex,’ is female, but G.G.’s gender identity is male.”

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