Recruitment Of 1,000 Young Africans To Live In The US!! APPLY NOW!

Mandela Washington Fellowship program recruits 1000 young African leaders for a 6-week program in the US

Mandela Washington Fellowship program seeks this year 1 000 young African leaders for a 6-week program in the United States.

Mandela Washington Fellowship allows recipients to spend six weeks in an American university to develop their skills in the public service, civic engagement or entrepreneurship.

Imagine getting expert advice public and private sectors and NGOs in the United States.Imagine developing a network of Africans and Americans to give a boost to your career.

Mandela Washington Fellowship is everything. The program accepts applications from 21 September to 26 October. Objective: select 1,000 participants for the 2017 edition.


Launched in 2014, the Fellowship is the flagship program of the Initiative for Young African Leaders (YALI). This also includes the network YALI Network and regional leadership centers YALI *.

This year, the Mandela Washington Fellowship research of young African leaders can demonstrate that they have promoted innovation and bring positive change within their organizations, institutions, cities and countries.

To apply, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be between 25 and 35 at the time you submit your application.
  • To qualify for a J-1 visa in the United States.
  • Read, write and speak English.
  • Be a citizen of one of the 49 countries of sub-Saharan Africa *.
  • The information and forms are available from the US embassy and other diplomatic representations




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