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Record from Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918 Shows How Premature Lift of Lockdown Killed 4,500 People

Reports from an event during the Spanish Flu pandemic shows how thousands of people lost their lives as a result of a premature end to a lockdown exercise.

According to, Philadelphia chose to remove quarantine protocols meant to curb the spread of the Spanish Flu outbreak to hold a 200,000-man morale parade in preparation for war.

It is indicated that within 72 hours of the parade, every bed in Philadelphia’s 31 hospitals was filled with patients who contracted the deadly virus and needed to be hospitalized.

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The Spanish flu, also known as 1918 pandemic was a viral disease strikingly similar to COVID-19. It killed over 50 million people, far more than those who died during World War 1. Many people had to dig graves for their own family members due to the massive extent of the 1918 influenza. It was a flu-like disease that affected the throat and lungs just like Coronavirus. Stay Woke!

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In the week ending October 5, some 2,600 people in Philadelphia had died from the flu or its complications and that number rose to more than 4,500 over the next week.

With many of the city’s health professionals pressed into military service, Philadelphia was unprepared for the deluge of death.

For Philadelphia, the fallout was swift and deadly as just two days after the parade, the city’s public health director, Wilmer Krusen, issued a grim pronouncement:

“The epidemic is now present in the civilian population and is assuming the type found in naval stations and cantonments [army camps].”

The report shows the importance of social-distancing in an attempt to combat a pandemic and how Ghanaians need to take the protocols seriously especially as lockdown has been lifted in the country.

It would be recalled that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo lifted the partial lockdown imposed to prevent COVID-19 spread on April 20, 2020, as too much economic life was being affected.

In another interesting report, Black eco-entrepreneur Dr Lisa Dyson and her co-founder, Dr John Reed, have discovered an interesting technology that uses microbes to make protein from the air.

According to, the technology would help save the planet from climate change as it involves the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a raw material for meat production with the use of microbes.

At the same time, the brilliant discovery provides a great alternative to getting healthy meat that does not harm any animal and could be used by vegetarians without feeling guilty.


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