Recessions: Until Nigeria Restructures, We Are Just Chasing Shadows – Says Dr. Akin-John

A church growth expert, Dr. Francis Akin-John of the International Church Growth Ministry has upheld that until Nigeria restructures, efforts to redeem it from its present state will remain futile.
Speaking at the thanksgiving and dedication service of the newly-built Grace Impact Church last Sunday, Akin-John attributed the greatest problems of the country to the dichotomy prevalent in the Northern and Southern parts of the nation.
For him, too much power is concentrated in the centre, which necessitates the need to have state and local governments to take care of certain things.
“I am not saying we should break but the centre is too strong. We should leave things for the state and local government to take care of. For example state police is desirable.
“For our leaders I am of the strong opinion that until Nigeria restructures we are just chasing shadows. Local councils controlling low cost housing is good; that is the way is done in other countries.
“Take for example, government wants to borrow money and spend on railway. When Obasanjo was leaving he signed over 400billion contracts with the Chinese. The moment Yar’adua came in, he scotched it because it is a central thing. The greatest problem of Nigeria is the North and South dichotomy,” he stated.
Advising Nigerians on coping with recession, he said it was high time Nigerians embraced self employment/entrepreneurship. For those who still engage in extravagant lifestyles even in this period, he counseled them to shun such.
He also encouraged churches to do well in growing their members rather than making merchandise of them.
“I will love to say that we should all go back to what we can produce. Nigeria is so blessed not only spiritually but naturally that everyone can have something to do. This is the time that the work of your hands can feed you.  Waiting for salary and white collar job you are going to be suffering; so to me we should go back to our production, self employment and do it with honesty and integrity. Recession does not have to put your life in recess.
“To me this is the time to cut our extravagant lifestyles as Nigerians.  This is the time to cut off every undesirable expenses, all these ‘owambe’ parties and borrowing. This is the time for us to cut our coat according to the size of our cloth.
“We should use church to grow and build great people and not use people to grow church. We should help people to grow and discover their destinies, to be nearer to God and live a transformed live. I believe every church should be a barrack where you recruit people, equip them, empower them and send them out to affect the society for God.”

Written by How Africa

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