It Really Does Wonders: Hold Your Hand In This Position And You Will Not Believe What Will Happen Next!

Due to our modern way of life, we often cope with stress on a daily basis. Therefore, it is a good option to try hand yoga which originates from ancient India and provides immediate relief.

Surya Mudra

This weight loss pose can help you lose unwanted pounds, improve your digestion, and treat eyesight ailments. Also, this is the right technique for people who experience problems with trembling and people who have poor circulation.


Prithvi Mudra

This pose is excellent for increase of the earth element over the fire one. Hence, this means that the earth element influences the growth of tissues and development of muscles, and thus aids healing. The fire element, responsible for inflammation of the muscles and obstruction of the metabolic processes, is removed.


Vaayu Mudra

This pose is known as the calmness pose which betters the oxygen transportation throughout the body, thus, creating a feeling of peace and harmony. It is excellent for reduction of hyperactivity and aggression.



Shunya Mudra

This pose is excellent for elimination of any kind of ache. What’s more, it relaxes the entire organism and it is very helpful with vertigo, ear problems, and dulness of certain body parts.


Gyan Mudra

This is the wisdom pose which will increase your enthusiasm and creativity, and it also has a beneficial effect on the memory.


Varun Mudra

Practice this pose if you suffer from arthritis, dehydration, or hormone disorders.




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