Readers’ Travel Awards 2016 Rated South Africa the 4th Best Country to Visit in the World

South Africa being voted as one of the best countries to visit is partly because of the Rand, but the annual Travel Awards asks readers to rate their favourite countries based on criteria including food, accommodation, scenery and value for money.

The readers from around the globe selected Greece as the number one travel spot in 2016, with Italy second (the food, obviously). The USA came in third because it has the best places to stay, and South Africa came in fourth, offering the best value for money. France came fifth.


In the ‘Ultimate Travel Top 20’, which is a list of the very best travel experiences, for example, a hotel, a South African luxury lodge was featured in 20th position.

We know South Africa is one of the best countries, we just like it when other people agree with us.

View the full lists here.


Written by How Africa

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