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Read the Virulent 50-cent’ Response to the Rumour of Wendy Williams’ Divorce

50 Cent is known for his truthfulness and he always says what he thinks, no matter who he is talking to.

A few days ago, it was reported to the rapper that Wendy Williams’ husband would lead a secret life. He would have spent his time between Wendy Williams’ New Jersey home and their son, Kevin Jr, and half his time in a house he bought from his mistress less than 15 kilometers from the road.


In addition, it was revealed that he had also engrated his mistress. What shocked 50 cents and pushed the rapper to attack the latter because he had a long quarrel with the talk show host. Since then, Wendy has not yet addressed the scandal and 50 cent think that if it was another celebrity, she would talk about it quickly on his show. Sharina Hudson, 32, has been living with Wendy’s man for over 10 years.

To show his frustration with this conduct, 50 cent went to his favorite place of broadcast, Instagram, where he wrote next to a screenshot of the report:

“The most famous girl in the world,” he wrote. “Still in shit, she never talks about it.”


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