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Read: The Touching Story of Footballer Jean Pierre Adams Who Went into Coma for 37 Years

Life can switch from one day to the next by a small contingency, which in some cases do not depend on the concerned. The case of Jean Pierre Adams, former defender of the French football team, in a coma for 37 years, is a perfect illustration.

It was in 1982 that Jean Pierre Adams stopped living without dying. This former footballer, defender of the France team, fell into a deep coma that has now lasted 37 years.

Victim of a fatal medical error of anesthesia following a banal knee surgery when he was 34 years old, Adams had played 251 games and scored 24 goals in Ligue 1. Since that date, the life of the former companion of Marius Tresor with whom he formed ” the black guard ” in the defensive hinge of the blues, has returned to oblivion and anonymity.

This native of Dakar lives with his eyes closed, in a deep coma, at home, with his wife Bernadette.

In an interview with CNN, in 2018, she moved the whole world with her words


”  Imagine if I die before him, what will happen to him? He will die without being treated. He needs me to be able to eat, to satisfy his primary needs. If I do not do it, who will ? “.

Referring to her husband’s new life, Bernadette said: ”  He feels everything that is done to him. He is aging less quickly than me: no wrinkles and almost no white hair. Time stopped on the day of the accident. No hose. He breathes alone. He is apparently normal. He hears very well but it stops there. My husband is there without being there. He is in his own world but he is alive and well. I do not know how it will end . “

Winner of France of the Alps with the FC Nîmes in 1972, Jean Pierre Tresor who wore the blue jersey 26 times, had left his wife words that hardly reflect the situation he has been going through since that dark day of 1982

“Everything is fine, I’m in great shape. It is at 11H that I will be operated. Think of me anyway, but pick me up in eight days, and do not forget then, a pair of crutch! He had confided to his wife.


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