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Read The Touching Story Of A Kindergarten Teacher Who Donated Her Kidney To One Of Her Pupils!!

Lyla Carreyn, 5, has a very rare autoimmune disease and needs a kidney transplant to continue living. But the girl could not find a donor.

Her mistress, moved by the fate of her pupil, decided to check if she could be a potential donor and learned that it was compatible.

She donated one of her kidneys to the little girl to the big surprise of Lyla’s mother.

The child returned to kindergarten this week in Madison, Wisconsin (USA)


“This news was surreal. It was like a light at the end of the tunnel for us, “explained Dena Carreyn, Lyla’s mother.

“I wanted to see Lyla grow in the next few years and be a part of her family. She will be able to live the life she deserves to have, “the teacher said.



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