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Read Samuel Eto’o’ Strong Message to Other African Legends: “I’m the Best African Player of All Time …”

Samuel Eto’o has had a brilliant career as a footballer and the Cameroonian can boast of his achievements.

The footballer began his career at Real Madrid and has played in 13 other clubs, including Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Chelsea, Everton and Sampdoria.

He won a Champions League with Inter Milan but in Barcelona, ​​Eto’o won three Liga and two league champions. He also helped his country win the 2000 Olympics in Australia, the African Cup of Nations in 2000 and 2002.

Based on these different prowess Eto’o fucks the chest to be the best African player in history at the microphone of AFP.


To the question: You are not afraid also to assert loudly that you are the best African player in history, Eto’o answers: “I do not need to claim anything, it’s is just a fact. Whether you accept it or not, it’s a fact. “

Further Afp journalist relaunch: It is not George Weah, only African to have won the Ballon d’Or?

“I have a lot of respect for all these seniors but our careers are there and speak for each of us. There are debates that are useless. I do not need to claim it, it’s a fact. Whether we accept it or not, it’s a fact (smile), “he  insists.

“When I look where I come from and how far I’ve been, I think I have the right to be proud. That does not mean that I take my head, far from it. It’s just that, in this world, people like puppets and I do not agree to be one. “ he added.


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