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Read Messi’s Incredible Revelation About His Son!!

Can the son of a legend of # Football become a great player himself? The best example is undoubtedly Paolo Maldini, son of Cesare. The two men marked the history of AC Milan and Italian football. And inevitably, when one thinks of great players of our time, # Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are names that come back. Both are dads, the son of the Portuguese already playing in the youth teams of Real Madrid. Will Cristiano Junior, 7, face one day Thiago Messi, 4, on the Spanish lawns? The young son of the Pulga has in any case integrated FCB Escola last fall, a training center dedicated to young Catalan shoots.

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Not the same motivation between the little Messi and the little Suarez

A news that had aroused enthusiasm, so much the influence of Lionel Messi is important in Catalonia. In the columns of Marca, the quintuple Ballon d’Or entrusted himself on the progress and the motivation of his son Thiago. “That’s the truth, my son does not like football so much. Why did he join the Barça school? This is because Benjamin (the son of Luis Suarez ) and some classmates play there, but do not make a movie. It’s not like Luis’s son, who has a foot ball all the time, “the Argentinian international said. Probably a small disappointment for the Barça player, who would have liked to see his son get caught in the game.

A hope for Matéo?

All hope is not lost yet, since Lionel Messi has a second son, Matéo, not yet two years old. Being a father of a family is an experience that has greatly changed the behavior of the Argentine. “The birth of Thiago has completely changed my life and my perception of life in general … Before, everything was dedicated to football. If I crashed in a match, I could spend three to four days ruminating at home, “Lionel Messi recently explained in the Spanish press. “When I go home, I see my son and nothing is the same.” # FC Barcelona

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