READ: Khloe Kardashian’s Reaction When Tristan Says “I Love You”

While Khloé Kardashian had decided to put an end to his romantic relationship with Tristan thompson after his repeated betrayal and infidelities, the basketball player tries somehow to win back the beautiful blonde of the Kardashian siblings.

But Kim Kardashian’s little sister does not intend to recover with the father of his daughter True Thompson. Khloe says she can not trust him anymore, so she is not ready to back down.

For his part, Tristan Thompson still seems in love with the beautiful Khloe Kardashian. However, if Khloe still keeps in touch with Tristan the father of his daughter it is for the sake of the little True. It is so that she does not feel the absence of paternal heat.

In a recent episode of  Keeping Up with the Kardashians , Khloe was seen on the phone with True and Tristan Thompson. The NBA star wished a good night to his daughter.


Subsequently, Tristan Thompson spoke to True’s mom, who said, ”  All right, I love you  ” before ending the conversation. But for his part, Khloe has been insensitive and indifferent to these beautiful words of his ex. She just answered  “Bye … Thank you”. It is clear that Khloe is very firm on his decision and does not intend to fall back into the game of his ex Tristan Thompson.

Saying to Khloe “I love you,” this statement amused the last friends laughed at her when she heard Tristan Thompson tell her. Khloe did not hide the fact that she felt rather embarrassed by the situation. She intends to recover with the father of his daughter because with him, she has suffered too much.  ”  I think I’ve seen where this leads and I do not like it. So, why do I do it again for the third time? ” she says. Finally, the star explains to her friends that Tristan Thompson wants more than a co-parenting relationship. But she says clearly that “there is nothing romantic about Tristan,  ” she said.


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