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Read How One Cinema In Atlanta Almost Screwed Up Black Panther Opening

People across the country are happily going to the movie theater to see Black Panther, combining the hype of a superhero movie release with what some people are calling a cultural moment. However, the Huffington Postreports that people in one theater in Atlanta got a poor surprise when they got to their seats, with Fifty Shades Freed being played instead.


On Thursday night, opening night for Black Panther, viewers at Atlanta’s Regal Atlantic Station found that their theater played the final movie in the erotic drama series rather than Black Panther. With the amount of hype this movie is generating, getting a different movie is perhaps the worst thing that could happen, especially when you consider that most of the people in that audience likely pre-ordered their tickets. Black Panther broke records for pre-ordered tickets for not just a Marvel movie or even for a superhero movie, but for movies, period.

Twitter user @ChefWaites was apparently in the Atlanta theater when it all went down and live-tweeted his disappointment and the hilarious reaction from the crowd when the first thing they saw was a wedding, not Wakanda. In a video he shared, audience members can be heard yelling, booing and laughing at the screen, with one person exclaiming, “What are we doing?” According to people who entered the theater, about five minutes into the (wrong film), the issue was corrected and people got to see Black Panther after all. This is a pretty happy ending to the story, as in some cases, previous examples of this have resorted to people having to come back for another showing, even if they get their tickets refunded.

Then again, when it comes to getting a ticket, you may have a hard time. Black Panther is poised to make financial history, with projections showing it making $205 million-$210 million over the long Presidents Day weekend. This positions it as the best February opening of all time, and could potentially beat out The Avengersfor the best opening for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.The movie has also been a critical success, having a 97% Rotten Tomatoes score and A+ Cinemascore as of this writing. For the sake of those excited moviegoers, let’s hope that this is the only theater that ends up playing the wrong movie.


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