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Rare Moment!! This Baby Was Born In Mother’s Amniotic Sac (Video)

This rare moment was filmed recently in Spain in a local hospital. Usually, an unborn child grows inside mother in a protective membrane, called amniotic sac. When the baby is ready to be born, that sac just blows on its own, that is why waters break.

This time, it was a completely different story, local doctors happened to witness something very rare. The baby was born inside a fully intact amniotic sac, right a few minutes after his twin was born without amniotic sac. By the way, en-caul birth is very rare and occur in one in every 80,000 births or even fewer.


Video captured curled up baby, you can clearly see the blue umbilical cord also inside the sac. This footage is truly unique!

Warning: video may be inappropriate for some users.

Now you can imagine how humans look like during first 9 months of their lives inside the womb.


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