Rapper Ray J Makes Another Revelation About Kim Kardashian: “Kim Was Totally Lucid”

While Kim Kardashian has hinted that she was under the influence of drugs on the night of their sextape, singer Ray J has just given another version of the facts. The rap star says Kim Kardashian did not use drugs. For Ray J, Kim was totally lucid.

The facts go back to 2007. Kim Kardashian is not at all famous as it is today, had managed to become known thanks to the shooting of a sextape with singer Ray J. More than ten years later, Kanye West’s wife does not manage to get rid of the buzz that caused this video.


In an episode of  The Incredible Kardashian Family, Kim explained that she had used ecstasy at the time. What Ray J his partner at the time has just denied publicly. Sources close to the artist told TMZ that no, Kim Kardashian was neither under the influence of drugs nor the grip of alcohol when turning the sextape. However, they say that the star had been using marijuana.

For its part, Kim Kardashian maintains his version of the facts. She claims to have taken ecstasy before acting out and claims to have no reason to lie. Kim Kardashian continues that she had taken Ecstasy a second time. “I got married under ecstasy. The first time, “ she said in an episode of The Incredible Kardashian Family.

In 2003, Kim Kardashian and Ray J went out together and made a pornographic video. The reality star seemed to have completely assumed that even though their love affair did not last long. Now that she is dating Kanye West, she is more discreet about her private life.


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