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Rapper Kanye West Officially Changes His Name

We will now call it “Ye”, rapper Kanye West announced in one of his Twitter posts.

“I am Ye”, announced on Twitter “the individual known officially as Kanye West”. “Ye” has long been a nickname for West, just like “Yeezy”. A nickname he had given to one of his albums, released earlier this year. From now on, that’s how he wants to be called, everywhere and by everyone.

This is not a news in itself since other rappers before him have already been there. Snoop Dogg or Diddy can testify.


Kanye West announced the name change shortly before his appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where he appeared disguised as a water bottle with fellow rapper Lil Pump, leaving fans stunned on the networks. social and concerned about the level of creativity of their champion.

He finished his show with a very aptly titled track “Ye”, wearing a slogan cap of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign slogan, ”  Make America Great Again  “

Kanye West left his fans speechless, becoming one of the very few African-American figures to support Donald Trump.

The rapper also accused the Democratic party of wanting to make people dependent on welfare and reiterated his interest in running for president in 2020.


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