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Rapper Jeezy Offers His First-Class Seat To 11-Year-Old Cancer Patient During Flight

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An 11-year-old cancer patient who was on a Memphis-bound flight with Jeezy received first-class treatment courtesy of the rapper after he got to know the child was on his way to the city for treatment.

In an Instagram post on Monday, the Atlanta rapper said he decided to offer his first-class seat to the 11-year-old after he overheard he was battling stage three cancer and was headed to Memphis for treatment. The Soul Survivor rapper also praised the boy for his bravery.

“Meet Andre, he’s 11 and one of the bravest young Kings I know. I met Andre on my flight to Memphis. Overheard he was battling stage 3 cancer and was on his way to Memphis for treatment,” the 44-year-old wrote alongside photos he took with Andre and his mother.

“Offered him my first class seat so he can go to treatment like the boss he is.” Jeezy also said he also spoke with Andre’s “amazing and strong mother” after switching seats.

“She told me about how mighty of a fighter her son has been,” the rapper, also known as “The Snowman”, added.

Besides the first-class experience on the flight, Jeezy also said he invited Andre and his mother to his show, and they showed up.

“I invited Andre and his mother to my show. And like a boss he pulled up. Let’s show Andre some love,” he said.

Jeezy’s kind gesture was applauded in the comments section of his post. Fellow Atlanta rapper, 2 Chainz, wrote: “Solid.”

“Salute,” rapper and actor, T.I., wrote. Seasoned actor and producer Samuel L. Jackson also commented, “Doing the right thing is part of your DNA!!”



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