Rapper Ja Rule’s Relationship With 50 Cent Takes A New Weird Direction  

When it comes to celebrities, the rule is simple: almost everything they get involved in must go public—including settling their issues. 50 Cent and Ja Rule are the latest stars to prove this statement right.

Ja Rule branded rapper 50 Cent a “power bottom” and “pu**y” in a recent fiery Twitter tirade that will likely reignite the long-simmering beef between the rival musicians.

For nearly two decades, the two iconic men, who both live in Queens, New York, have publicly battled each other, with each attempting to outdo the other in “diss tracks,” interviews and even physical altercations, according to media outlets.


The latest chapter in their beef started when 50 Cent recently showed up on 92.3 radio show to promote his new film, “Den of Thieves.”

While there, the 42-year-old musician was asked what he’d do if he met Ja Rule. He answered, “I … put him to bed.”

Seemingly, Ja Rule, 41, didn’t like the comment. So the rapper took it to Twitter to fire back with a stream of homophobic epithets and insults.

“Fun hip-hop FACT: @50cent is PU**Y,” Ja Rule began his series of tweets. “Let’s be clear here: I mind my business. But for some reason, 50cent has always kept my name in his mouth. I think he would rather just have my dick put in his mouth. #bitchassnigga#ticklebooty.”

“From now henceforth everybody can refer to 50cent as #ticklebooty,” he added.  “That’s his name, and feel free to call him to his FACE. He is not going do SHIT at you … and if he does, jut sue him like he sued me… #Murderinctvseries.”

The rapper continued the insults, asking his Instagram fans to see their husbands and boyfriends “dick riding” 50-Cent, who he referred to as a “piece of sh*t human being” that’s comparable to Trump.

“Ladies, please visit my Instagram page ‘@Ruleyorkcity’ to see your husband/man dick ridding 50 Cent haha,” he wrote. “I really don’t understand why people like 50 Cent aka #Powerbottom hates any successful black man/woman.”

“Fuck @50cent. He is a piece of [shit human being] that is only comparable to @realDonaldTrump!”

However, Ja Rule is no stranger to issuing homophobic remarks.

In a 2007 interview, the rapper remarked that he didn’t want his kids to be exposed to the LGBTQ relationships on TV.

“Let’s talk about these fu**g shows that they’ve on MTV that’s promoting homosexuality. I can’t allow my kids to watch this shit,” he stated. “If that isn’t fucking up the U.S, then I don’t know what is.”


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