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Raphael Ndaiga: the Kenyan Who Dreams of Bringing Africa Together Through Culinary Art

Popular chefs have had a huge impact on the way people cook. If examples are mentioned in other continents, in Africa a Kenyan leader would like to shake up the codes and position himself as one of the pioneers on the continent.

His name, Raphael Ndaiga. This 24-year-old redefines home cooking and promotes African menus through Facebook courses on a page that has attracted more than half a million people.

Raphael Ndaiga believes that everyone can make a delicious meal from anywhere.

“No matter where you are, an onion is the same, the beef is the same, the tomatoes are the same, what is different is how they come together to create a dish,” he argues on his page.

If he has already bathed in the dishes and spoons of his father who used to work for a large restaurant in Nairobi, the capital, it is at 24 that Ndaiga decided to jump into the water.

He joins the famous Culinary School, Utali College . “After finishing school, I went to Orlando, USA, and worked in a restaurant, after which I went to the UK and worked in a five-star hotel,”  says there.

Once the experience is gained, he is back in his country to make himself useful. He opts against getting away from work in restaurants to teach cooking classes online and privately. Ndaiga says he now has the freedom to do what he wants to create a menu, create recipes and cook different dishes … What he thinks he could never have done while working in a restaurant.

In the years to come, the young entrepreneur hopes to be one of those who have contributed to the evolution of Africa. His long-term ambitions are to bring the continent together through his kitchen.

“The impact I want for my Africa is to be the guy who encourages people to love their cooking, the guy who brings families together, I want to be the African Jamie Oliver .”

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