Rape Allegation; Cristiano Ronaldo Hired An Elite Team Of Powerful Lawyers To Keep His Image Spotless.

It has been revealed how Cristiano Ronaldo hired an elite team of ‘sweepers’ who ran up $1million bill to keep his image spotless.

On June 13, 2009, before join­ing Real Mad­­rid after leaving Manchester United, he had met his rape accuser, model Kath­­­ryn Mayorga in a Las Vegas nightclub and invited her to a party at his penthouse. There, she claims he raped her – an allegation he vehemently denies.

Within hours, still in tears, she had a rigorous police medical examination.

According to Mirror Online, the footballer’s aides put together a “team” of the world’s highest-powered lawyers, detectives, forensic experts, doctors and PR specialists.

Their goal – to protect their client’s multi-million-pound reputation by en­­­suring the 25-year-old’s accusation quickly and quietly disappeared for ever.

Gathered from Britain, Ireland, Port­ugal and America, they racked up a $1million legal bill in the process.

The figure – almost three times the amount Ronaldo eventually paid Ms Mayorga to keep quiet – left him fuming.


But his US lawyers made it clear they thought they were worth their fees.

They pointed out that if the Portuguese star were to be extradited he could, if convicted, face a life sentence.

More importantly, they stressed his need to avoid an enormous hit to his image if the allegations ever became public.

However, the efforts of the “team” have left Ms Mayorga’s lawyers so con­­cerned they want to overturn the $375,000 (£287,000) confidentiality agreement she signed.

Last week it was revealed that her lead attorney, Leslie Stovall, was to demand a probe into the team’s conduct from Scotland Yard, Greater Man­­chester Police, England’s At­­­­torney Gen­­eral, the FBI, and the attorney generals of Ireland, Italy and California. All have now had letters, as well as Interpol.

Mr Stovall said: “We have asked these ag­­­encies to determine whether Ron­­­­aldo and any individuals and organisations associated with him have violated any laws within their jurisdiction.”

The Las Vegas lawyer says the non-dis­closure deal was designed to “pre­vent or de­­­lay criminal prosecution” of the alleged assault.

He calls it a tar­­­geted “con­­temporaneous con­­spiracy” ar­­­guing: “Hid­ing a crime is a crime.”

But this week Ron­­­aldo’s new lawyer hit back, claiming hackers had fabricated stolen docu­­­ments to make him look guilty. Extracts of these, he claimed, had been published in German magazine Der Spiegel.


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