Rainmaker Worldwide Provides First Water-To-Water Technology to Cape Town

Africa has been faced with severe critical issues regarding water in recent past years, which creates a dire demand for systematic and reliable approaches and solutions to tackle the problem and meet this basic drinking water needs.

Therefore, in an effort to solve the water issues faced in South Africa, Rainmaker Worldwide recently delivered its first Water-to-Water technology to Cape Town.


The company believes that their technology can play a huge role in solving the country’s water challenge.

To this end, it is in collaboration with an international distributor with local presence in Cape Town as its sales and technical partner.

Through an operational hub in Cape Town, the company will use a mobile unit to demonstrate the efficacy of its technology.

This initial deployment will be followed by larger machine deployments that are under contract. In the coming weeks it will also be making a series of joint announcements for long-term plan throughout South Africa and the region.

Rainmaker’s underlying philosophy is to make significant contributions to the scietal and environmental needs of the communities in which we operate, while creating value for its shareholders.

Michael O’Connor, President and CEO of Rainmaker Worldwide, said, “We are exceptionally pleased to work with our partners in South Africa with whom we share the common objective to provide clean drinking water to those who need it most. The Cape Town region has suffered immeasurably from the impacts of unforeseen and potentially long-term drought conditions. We believe our decentralized and cost-effective technologies are ideally suited to these acute situations of water need. We look forward to collaborating closely with our local team to develop a long-term strategy for the region.”


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