Raila Odinga ,President Uhuru’s Opposition Leader Has This To Say To The Mugabes..

Odinga congratulated the people of Zimbabwe for successfully “overthrowing dictatorship in the country”.

“You have succeeded in peacefully overthrowing tyranny and dictatorship and created for yourselves the promise of a prosperous future that only democracy can provide. The tumultuous scenes of ecstasy throughout Zimbabwe at the departure of the dictator Robert Mugabe attest to the African people’s irrepressible hunger for freedom and liberty,” Odinga said in his statement.


The NASA leader termed Mugabe’s exit from power as a moment of great satisfaction and a personal dream fulfilled.

“In 2008, as Prime Minister of Kenya, I believe I was the only African leader to have condemned Mr Mugabe’s power grab through a rigged election and offered support for your democratic future,” he stated.


Odinga termed Mugabe’s exit will instill fear in the hearts of Africa’s many dictators and encouraged Zimbabweans to move swiftly towards consolidating their gains towards democracy, which alone will prevent the return of the old order.


“In rising against a leader who long lost the path to the promise of the country and aspirations of the citizens, the people of Zimbabwe have sent a powerful message that citizens may get oppressed and seem beaten, but it is only for a moment. In the fullness of time, the citizens have both their say and their way,” the former Kenyan Prime Minister insisted.

He reiterated the people of Zimbabwe had proven to the world, and Africa in particular, that the only guarantee for durable stability and peace is democracy, expressed in regular free, fair and credible elections in which citizens are allowed to freely pick their leaders.


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