Raila Odinga, Kenya’s Opposition Leader Asks Citizens To Boycott October 26 Presidential Rerun

Kenya resistance pioneer Raila Odinga encouraged supporters to blacklist Thursday’s presidential race and induce their companions to do likewise, saying he would lead a battle of common noncompliance against the legislature.

Odinga, be that as it may, moved in an opposite direction from past guarantees to hold extensive scale challenges on decision day.

“We exhort Kenyans who esteem popular government and equity to hold vigil and supplications far from surveying stations, or simply remain at home,” he told a cheering horde of thousands of individuals on Wednesday in Uhuru Park, in the capital Nairobi.

“Persuade your companions, neighbors and every other person not partake,” he stated, but rather in the event that they bolster the president, he forewarned “don’t affront or attack them. Rather, look to open their eyes.”

Race authorities said the rehash presidential survey would proceed paying little respect to Odinga’s decision.

The repeat election was ordered by the Supreme Court after judges nullified the results of an Aug. 8 presidential contest over procedural grounds.

Odinga is refusing to participate because he said that the election commission has failed to implement reforms to prevent another failed poll.

The Supreme Court was due to hear cases seeking to delay the polls but was unable to do so after five out of seven judges had failed to turn up, preventing a quorum.


Minutes after Chief Justice David Maraga said the case could not be heard, hundreds of supporters took to the streets of Kisumu, Odinga’s main stronghold.

Riot police used teargas to disperse them. Two protesters had gunshot wounds, a Reuters witness said.

“If the government subverts the sovereign will of the people … then people are entitled to rebel against this government,” Kisumu governor Anyang Nyong‘o, a hardline Odinga supporter, told reporters in Kisumu.

Such comments seem certain to fuel fears of a major confrontation with security forces, already blamed for killing nearly 50 people in Kisumu and Nairobi slums after the cancelled August vote.




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