‘Racist Online Store’ Facing Boycott After Selling “Black Women Are Trash” T-shirts

The online store Teespring is facing backlash after tee shirts went on sale with the words “Black Women Are Trash” on them.

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The shirts were reportedly made as a racist response to shirts saying “Men Are Trash,” and the slogan was printed on shirts, coffee mugs, tank tops and hoodies. Teespring took down the merchandise, which was traced back to a Twitter user named @TruCharter.

In a statement to Yahoo!, a Teespring representative offered the following apology: “We’d like to apologize for this offensive content that was posted on the Teespring platform. It does not reflect our views as an organization, and it violates Teespring’s acceptable use policies. Our team has removed this item from our site, and we’re monitoring closely to take down any other products that violate our content guidelines.”


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