Orlando Nightclub Massacre: Witness Alleges Shooter Said, ‘I Don’t Have An Issue with the Blacks’

A man who was trapped inside of the gay nightclub in Orlando where Omar Mateen massacred 49 people Sunday morning says that the ISIS-inspired terrorist selected victims based on their race.
The witness, who played dead for three hours during the attack, told ABC News that Mateen spared black club patrons.

The witness gave an account to ABC News of the gunman’s actions inside the nightclub.

“He said, ‘Didn’t I say don’t text? Give me all your phones.  Who’s in here?  Are you guys Black?’ The couple said yeah. He said, ‘I don’t have an issue with the Blacks.’ And then he got on the phone. I don’t know if it was the news or the police department, telling them America needs to stop bombing ISIS.”

Watch video:

other reports said he was super racist rants against blacks, so idk maybe he became less racist leading up the shooting

Two black survivors said on Anderson Cooper /CNN that he said to them “who’s black here I have no problem with black people” and that he referenced the Charleston church shootings as being wrong. Guess it will be online soon.

But it seems he is unstable as someone mention..More is coming out.. Like he went on racist rants against blacks but spared a couple because of race.. He hates gays but he’s on several gay apps and went to that club alot. He hates women but got married twice..He’s not religious then he suddenly kills and dies in the name of religion… IdK

Source: atlantablackstar


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