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R Kelly’s Accuser, Jehonda Pace Finally Reveals More In This Video, Nailing The R&B Singer

A month after opening up to the world about her dealings with R. Kelly, Pace  is sharing more about their relationship, giving more reasons why R&B singer should be in prison for a long time

“The coach is another — it’s a lady — and she prepares you to satisfy him,” Jerhonda Pace asserts on “The Real” Tuesday, “She prepared me for all that I was doing. She revealed to me how to satisfy him and she additionally showed me what I like.”

Pace told the women of “The Real” she was welcome to Kelly’s visit transport. After boarding she discovered Kelly and the lady bare.


She recalls Kelly explained the woman would teach her “everything you need to know.” Then, Paces says and she engaged in abnormal intimate activity with the woman.


She said they had intimacies on several occasions and echoed other accusers’ claims that he would punish women who broke his strict rules.

“It’s very frightening,” Pace tells “The Real.” “He would slap you in your face. He would physically harm you and he would put you in a room and he would lock you in the room for days. For days.”

Pace said she finally escaped after a few months while Kelly was prepping for a party. She claimed she needed to get shoes from her uncle’s nearby home and Kelly told her to hurry back.

“I left everything and I just never looked back,” she says.



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