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R. Kelly: His Ex-wife Makes a Terrifying Revelation About Sexual Assault

Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly recently revealed that the stress caused by all allegations of sexual assault has almost prevented her baby from coming into the world.

By taking part in “Surviving R. Kelly” in Lifetime, Andrea Kelly explained that her ex-husband had “never” committed aggression before her, but that by learning what was happening, she was hiding all these anomalies of their marriage.Publicity

The Blast magazine is revealing that when Andrea talks about her pregnancy with her youngest child, Robert, she is seized with a strong emotion because the stress almost led her to lose her baby.

R. Kelly’s ex indicates that when the allegations expanded, she was sent to Florida. After the tragedy, Andrea Kelly went to the hospital center of her gynecologist because she could not hear the baby’s heartbeat anymore. The doctor had to provoke delivery right away.

The good news is that the baby has survived. Despite this, the incident had a negative impact on Andrea: “It has endangered my unborn child’s life.”

The documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” was made in three parts. It will continue until Friday on Lifetime. Several interviews with women from the intimate circle of the singer and even about his infamous relationship with Aaliyah will be broadcast during the series.

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