R. Kelly Finds Yet Another Way to Allegedly Disappoint His Daughter

Reports have surfaced that R. Kelly’s daughter has been denied class enrollment at her college because the singer neglected to pay her tuition fees.

According to TMZ,  Joann Lee aka Buku Abi, was unable to take courses at a California arts college after being informed that her father, Robert Kelly hadn’t covered the unpaid bills. Lee reportedly alleges that he also stopped paying for her books and the rent for her college apartment and believes this is an indication that her estranged dad intends to cut her off financially.

A clear stipulation of the 52-year old’s child support agreement with Lee’s mother and his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, states that he must pay his children’s college-related expenses until they are 23 -ears old.

Kelly’s Crisis Manager, Darrell Johnson said while his client is willing to fulfill his legal obligations, in this instance, he didn’t pay his daughter’s remaining balances because he assumed she had dropped out of school.


According to TMZ, Johnson also claims Kelly needed proof that the money he sends is being used for his daughter’s schooling, but since she never sent him the proper documentation showing an ongoing enrollment, he stopped paying the fees altogether.


Lee pushed back and provided further clarification that she was consistently pursuing a degree and only dropped out because of her father’s failure to provide the financial support he was obligated to give her. The relationship between Lee and her father is said to be “beyond strained.” One can only imagine what it’s like when you’re father has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women while they were underaged.

In January, the young woman referred to her father as “a monster” following the release of Lifetime’s explosive Surviving R. Kelly docu-series. Although they’ve been estranged for years, sources say she wants to return to college and intends to demand Kelly pay for it.


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