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R. Kelly Considers Marrying His 19-Years-old Girlfriend!

According to the site, R. Kelly would be crazy in love with his current girlfriend Halle, 19, met during one of his concerts. The singer even consider marrying her.


R. Kelly is a happy man. The famous singer of R & B, now aged 49, has found love. Four years after divorcing his wife Andrea, with whom he was married for twelve years, Kells is ready to get back into a relationship with a young woman he met at a concert.

Identified by a source as Halle, an Afro-mestizo young Japanese, Pied Piper’s girlfriend was with her mother when she caught the eye of the singer during a show in North Carolina.

Several photos of the couple, closer than ever, already circulating on the web. If their relationship is confirmed, the announcement may cause a scandal if we consider the rather drab past R.Kelly and his relationship with the girls.


To recall, the interpreter of “Fiesta” was tried for child pornography and statutory rape in a dark case of sex tape involving a 14 year old girl at the time. If he was acquitted by the US court, Jim DeRogatis, an American journalist investigated and discovered that the singer was such a sex offender who was paying his young victims to remain silent. We also remember his express marriage with the singer Aaliyah, then 15 years …

All these cases still continue to taint the reputation of R. Kelly and the superstar continues to defend with very strange explanations . This time at least, the major contender is perhaps ready to take them 30 years apart …. It’s something.

Source: Trace TV


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