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Quote Of The Day- There Are Two Great Days In A Person’s Life, The Day He Is Born And The Day He Discovers Why- William Barclay

William was a sagacious yet an enigmatic writer. The Famous Scottish scholar lived (1907-1978),. Barclay taught at the University of Glasgow for 28 years. Though a man of humble background, he became a theological celebrity.

He was widely known in Great Britain for his radio and television broadcasts, but his most significant legacy — whether for good or bad — was his writing.

Barclay once described himself as a “liberal evangelical” — an expression that is somewhat contradictory. The truth is, the engaging professor was a theological modernist.


The truth be told, A Man has not started living until he finds the essence of his existence. A country struggles until he finds the bearing of its nationals. Likewise a family is merely a filial tree until every offspring is given a purpose..Simple as that is the message in William’s quote..

William Barclay, An Enigmatic Writer And Theologist



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