Quote of The Day- Good, Better, Best. Never Let It Rest. ‘Til Your Good Is Better And Your Better Is Best, St’ Jerome

Your good is just one step of achievement, another step has to be taken which takes you to the Better, and then you don’t rest until next step takes you to your BEST! Simply put, you don’t rest after every achievement, because there are wider and broader version of what you just achieved.

St. Jerome was a 4th-century religious scholar and ascetic who’s responsible for the Vulgate, the Catholic Church’s Latin version of the Bible’s Old Testament.
Born in the mid-4th century in Stridon, Dalmatia, Jerome was a young scholar at Rome. He later developed a deep interest in asceticism and worked on creating a unified Latin version of the Bible’s New Testament. After moving to Bethlehem in 386, he translated sections of the Old Testament from Hebrew into Latin, creating the template for the Roman Catholic Church’s Vulga

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Check one of his thoughts..

        Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best….St’ Jerome





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