Queen Elizabeth’s Outrageous ‘Drinking Habits’ Revealed

When’s an appropriate time to start drinking? It’s a question that’s plagued social drinkers for years but it turns out that our dear old Queen may have set a delightful precedent.

It turns out that Queen Elizabeth 2nd doesn’t mess about when it comes to getting on the sesh wagon, having her first gin around the time most of us have started to fantasise about lunch.

To be specific the queen enjoys a gin and Dubonnet (You didn’t expect her to be on the special brew did you?) with lemon and ice just before lunch most days, Business Insider reports.

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You may be thinking that one gin at lunch isn’t really that much, and we agree that it’s not a trip to Spoons on Fish Friday, but this is just the Queen’s first tipple of the day she’s got a lot more bevving to get through.

With her lunch, usually fish or chicken along with a delicious side salad,  she apparently has a glass of wine The Independent reports.

But her Maj still isn’t done and will take a dry Martini in the evening before fishing the day with a delicious flute of Champagne most likely chosen from the eight wines that have been given royal warrants.

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For those keeping score that’s 6 units a day, which give or take a gin here or a spilt glass of wine there, 42 units a week! That’s three times the recommended units for both men and women.

According to the website DrinkAware this would make Lizzie a binge drinker but even she had nothing on her dear old mum.

It’s no secret that the Queen Mother like a drink but she would put even veteran drinkers to shame quaffing an alleged 70 units a week and hiding bottles of gin throughout her palaces so she could have a cheeky nip whenever she wanted.

The Queens Outrageous Drinking Habits Revealed 157 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother portrait
Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother painted by Richard Stone in 1986.

Despite her drinking the Queen Mum lived to be a staggering 101 and apparently never let her drinking schedule slip even during the war years.

Must have rubbed off on her daughter…


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