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Quarantine Experiences of Tanzanian Businessman in Guangzhou, China

Quarantine experiences of Tanzanian Businessman in Guangzhou ...A Tanzanian businessman is in quarantine in Guangzhou, China. CGTN reporter He Weiwei interacted with him in a bid to find out how he is faring on together with his family.

This is what John Vedasto Rwehumbiza said, “Frankly speaking, I’ve been in Guangzhou for so many years. I haven’t seen any kind of discrimination against me.I could see from the social media, many were complaining, they are feeling some kind of stigmatization. But on my side, I always told him, I don’t believe the Chinese can do that against Africans.”

He continued to say that, “One, we have long-term relationship. Two, the Chinese felt the pinch in the first days of the outbreak, because even those Chinese living abroad, are complaining about that, about being stigmatized, about being related to the virus. I said they all have a lesson, and there’s no way Chinese will do that to the Africans. I what I think is maybe a misunderstanding.”

CGTN reporter He Weiwei  says, “I met John in 2017. He runs a trade business in Guangzhou. Now he’s been put under quarantine for days, despite the inconvenience, he doesn’t complain.”


John meanwhile submitted that, “What I believe and what i’ve seen, the Chinese government has been working so hard. I think they’ve done quite a lot. When they come to quarantine me, I know they are trying their best to contain the problem.”

“The local CDC came here to our home. They did test all of us. They tested the whole family, me, my wife and three kids. We are all good. The test was mandatory, but was Free.”

John also introduced his family to our reporter while in his house.They were busy working out, “This is our daily routine. That’s my wife, my son. They’re doing some work out, working out their bodies. Can you look at me, my dear wife? And Son, look at me.
On the other side, my daughter is doing calligraphy.”

“If you want to buy some food or daily necessities, how would you do that? HE WEIWEI-Guangzhou asked him.To which the businessman said , “I’m not allowed to go out. But if I want some food, what we do is, we order on line, then community here, they have management. They will arrange someone. Just inform them whatever I want to buy. And then they’ll just go pick it from downstairs and bring it upstairs. And also they’re coming to collect my trash.”

“We’re supporting what the Chinese government is doing. If you were running against it, I guess they didn’t know much about what was going on,” he concluded.


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