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Here are Qualities That Make a Person Attractive Regardless of Their Physical Appearance

Some of us might believe that only beautiful people are attractive. But actually, we find people attractive based on other factors aside from physical appearance. In fact, the charm and attractiveness of a person are not always determined by their physical appearance. The main thing here is the magic of the attractiveness.

Bright Side put together a list of ten ‘magical’ qualities that the opposite sex finds attractive.


Many people believe that if you have a ‘standard’ appearance (what is commonly accepted as ’beautiful’ in modern society), it means you’re sexy. In fact, it’s a huge misbelief. This quality absolutely doesn’t depend on appearance. It’s about self-control, charisma, and confidence.


The person who fights for what he wants and, through his actions, proves that everything is possible in this world can’t be unattractive.

A good sense of humor

It’s one of the most notable personality traits. A good sense of humor is a quality of an interesting person and a key to success in any conversation. It’s like Cupid’s arrow that can hit you straightaway.


No matter how perfect you look, the lack of grace in your movements will ruin your image. If you can move smoothly and gently while you’re dancing, or you walk in an attractive manner, or you have a fascinating body language, it will definitely make you look incredibly attractive.


A silent voice, rounded shoulders, and the lack of one’s own opinion are the signs of a completely unattractive person.



Having doubts isn’t an attractive trait, and it won’t lead to a healthy relationship. A person should be determined in everything, starting with decisions about which ice cream to buy and ending with choosing which country to live in.


Intellect is not about becoming an expert on a subject in a university. It’s an ability to show good judgment. A person who can understand anyone, without a doubt, attracts and fascinates.


Even the most imperceptible and funny little detail in your appearance can be so attractive that your image will remain forever in the memory of the right person. Pay attention to the details.

The ability to be an interesting person to talk to

It’s not only about a broad outlook and having one’s own opinions. It’s also about the ability to listen. It has to be an equal conversation, not one where someone only talks about themself.


Uniqueness is worth its weight in gold in the modern world of copies. In fact, everyone is special. Some just haven’t come out of their shell yet, and others think that all the special things about them are ‘imperfections.’ But, actually, all these little things, which you may not like about yourself, make you who you are as a person. So stay special, stay unique!

Because, after all, there comes the moment when physical appearance is no longer fascinating. But the inexplicable magic of your unique personality stays forever.


Written by How Africa

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