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Qualified As Slavery By Donald Trump, Mauritania Gives A Scathing Reply

The exit of US President Donald Trump , legitimizing the exclusion, from January 1st, of Mauritania of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is not the taste of the authorities of our neighbors of the North. In a press conference held Thursday, by Sidi Mohamed Ould Maham, Minister of Culture and spokesman of the Mauritanian Government, the reply was scathing.


If the Americans justify their decision to exclude from AGOA by the practice of slavery and the persistence of racism in Mauritania, they received a response to the indictment of Sidi Mohamed Ould Maham, Minister of Culture and Spokesperson of the Mauritanian Government

“The United States is sovereign in the decisions it makes to give benefits to whoever it wants,” he said. But the US authorities do not have the right, as they did, to tarnish the image of our country by calling us slavers or racists. Slavery does not exist at home even though we have lived in the past like many countries, including the United States where the stigma of slavery is still visible. In the United States, in the administrations or in the big financial companies, you will see very few blacks. They are numerous in prisons, in crime or drug trafficking, marginalized … The blacks only started to vote in the United States in 1966 whereas at home, 

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is a commercial law of the US Federal Government promulgated in 2000, promoting access to the US market for products from some 40 African countries, including Mauritania.


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