Qatar Responded “No” To The Demands Of Saudi Arabia And its Allies!!


The Saudi Foreign Minister said Wednesday in Cairo that the “boycott” of Doha would “continue”, while Ryad and his allies are engaged in an arm wrestling with Qatar to which they have imposed sanctions for a month.
“We will take action at the right time,” Saudi chief diplomat Adel al-Jubeir told reporters after a meeting with his counterparts from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, crisis.

On June 5, Ryad and its allies broke diplomatic relations with the small gas-rich emirate, which they accuse of supporting “terrorism” and maintaining too close relations with Saudi Arabia’s rival Iran in the Middle-East.

This breakdown is accompanied by economic measures such as the closure of air and sea links with Qatar and the only land border of the emirate, as well as overflight bans and restrictions on the movement of persons.


To put an end to the crisis, the four countries had sent a list of 13 requests to Qatar, urging it to comply by July 2 and extending the ultimatum by two days.

They demand among other things the closure of a Turkish military base and television Al Jazeera, judged too aggressive by Ryad and its allies, as well as the reduction of the Doha relations with Iran.

Wednesday in Cairo, the four countries expressed “their regret at Doha’s negative response” to their list of demands, according to a joint statement read by Egyptian chief diplomat Sameh Choukri.

“It is no longer possible to tolerate the saboteur role played by Qatar” in regional conflicts, he stressed.

On Wednesday in London, before the Cairo meeting, Qatar’s foreign minister Mohamed bin Abderrahmane Al-Thani said that his country was ready “to engage in a negotiation process in a clear framework that guarantees its sovereignty” .


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