Pyongyang Electromagnetic Attack Could Wipe Out 90% Of The US Population – Report

Pyongyang does not need intercontinental ballistic missiles to pose a threat to the United States. It can simply bring a nuclear bomb using its launchers over the US territory and blow it up, which will cause the death of 90% of the population, says the Congress in a report

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The electromagnetic pulse caused by a nuclear explosion could lead to the death of 90% of the American population, reports the portal Business Insider, referring to a report of the Congress.

As the issue indicates, the atomic bomb creates an electromagnetic pulse that causes electrical and electronic systems to malfunction. A powerful nuclear explosion produced outside the atmosphere over the United States can deprive the entire continent of power and cause air accidents.

“North Korea does not need intercontinental ballistic missiles to represent a threat. Pyongyang can use its launchers to transport its nuclear weapons over the South Pole and then blow them up over the United States. This will produce a high frequency electromagnetic pulse. As a result, the electro-energy system will be shut down for an indefinite period and will result in the death of up to 90% of the US population within one year, “the report’s authors said.

The explosion could also damage nearby satellites.

However, as the edition indicates, the idea that North Korea can resort to this kind of attack is absurd. To create an electromagnetic pulse, something more powerful than a nuclear bomb will be needed. Since the action of electromagnetic fields is unpredictable, it is unlikely that Pyongyang will resort to them.

However, the scenario that seems more realistic is that the country of Juche makes a strike on any American city, says Justin Bronk, expert in military technologies of the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies quoted by Business Insider .

Tensions have been mounting around the Korean peninsula in recent months, during which Pyongyang conducted a novel series of missile tests and tested a hydrogen bomb (H bomb). Washington and Pyongyang are engaged in a regular exchange of threats and intimidation. Donald Trump threatened in mid-September to “totally destroy” North Korea in the event of an initial attack on Pyongyang. For its part, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has promised to take the most cruel measures in history against American aggression.

Still, the situation around North Korea must be resolved through dialogue, not threats and insults against Pyongyang, “Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a speech he said yesterday. delivered at the Valdai 2017 Discussion Club in Sochi. “It is certainly necessary to resolve this problem through dialogue, not to put North Korea at the foot of the wall, not to threaten to resort to force, not to sink into rudeness or insults,” he said. indicated the President

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