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Pyeongchang: Mission Accomplished for Nigeria’s Bobsleigh Team Despite All Odds

The adventure of the Olympic Winter Games in Nigeria was mainly driven by an all-female bobsled team that, despite tough opponents, made history in the Games. Seun Adigun and Akuoma Omeoga will not win a medal, but have reached a significant benchmark.

Seun Adigun and Akuoma Omeoga have made history, becoming the first to represent an African country in bobsleigh. If they did not win medals, like no other African participant, the pair was in the lead, 3.5 seconds behind the German leaders after the first two rounds in a sport that measures success and defeat in hundredths of second.

But it was not the victory they were looking for. “You do not need to quantify things by the result of first place, second place or anything else. You can really quantify it by your ability to be selfless, your ability to drive and your ability to innovate, “said Seun Adigun, following their race.

Akuoma Omeoga, the team’s brakeman, also did not complain about the final result. “The Olympic experience is truly unique, it’s an experience you can not really express,” she said.


Indeed, the team has long maintained that the main purpose of their participation was to raise awareness about the possibilities of Nigerian and African participants to future Olympic winter events and to overcome gender barriers.

Their greatest achievement in this regard, in addition to being the subject of media frenzy and generating significant local interest for the Olympic Winter Games, helped establish the first-ever bobsleigh and skeleton federation in Canada. Nigeria.

Mission accomplished

More than a year after starting to realize the dream of becoming the first African to compete in the bobsleigh event at the Olympic Winter Games, Nigerians are now facing their results.

The prospect of finishing on the podium was still slim, as the team’s trip to Pyeongchang was far from easy. As former athletics athletes, none of them had any experience in the sport.

By the way, it was in November 2016 that many Nigerians first heard about this discipline when the new team launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for their training and equipment.

Since then, the team has grown from unknowns to global celebrities. Even before the games kicked off this month, they had obtained recommendations from international brands, including Apple’s Under Armor, Visa and Beats By Dre, and garnered support from star athletes like Serena Williams. .


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