Putin Warns the West to Pass the “Red Line” In His Relations With Moscow

As part of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin called on the West not to cross the “red line” in its relations with Russia.

The Russian President calls on Western countries to respect the geopolitical interests of Moscow and expresses concern about the expansion of NATO towards the East, which could pose an existential threat to  Russia .


“Not only   has NATO approached our borders, but we suspect that Ukraine will be part of it tomorrow and that radars and missile defense systems will be installed,” said Putin. Thus, he insisted that the West should not cross the “red line” in its relations with Moscow.

“There are limits,” the red line “not to be exceeded. That we also respect our geopolitical interests, “he concluded.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is the largest annual economic conference in  Russia . Since 1997, it has brought together heads of state, finance ministers, Russian and foreign business leaders, as well as financiers and researchers to discuss economic issues facing  Russia  and the markets of developing countries. The Russian President has participated in the work of the forum since 2005.


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