Putin Signs UN Decree On Sanctions Against North Korea

While a North Korean diplomatic delegation is in Russia, Vladimir Putin signed the decree endorsing the sanctions passed by the UN Security Council against Pyongyang in November 2016.

The Russian president signed a decree on the application of UN sanctions against North Korea, as part of its nuclear program. These sanctions were enacted in November 2016.

Putin signs UN decree on sanctions against North Korea© Sergey Guneev Source: Reuters
Vladimir Poutine


The decree, which is about 40 pages long, aims in particular to put in place retaliatory measures against 11 North Koreans participating in the Pyongyang nuclear program.


At the same time, a North Korean delegation arrived in St. Petersburg to participate in the summit of the Inter-Parliamentary Union .

A new round of sanctions was passed on 12 September by the Security Council. The text includes a limitation on imports of gas, crude oil and refined products, as well as the ban on North Korean exports of textiles. In particular, the document had been cut off from the toughest measures demanded by Washington and rejected by Moscow, namely the total embargo on oil, the expulsion of economic migrants and personal sanctions against Kim Jong-un.

Vassili Nebenzia, the Russian ambassador to the UN, said Moscow did not support North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, but doubted the usefulness of the sanctions to reach a peaceful solution to the current crisis. He added that Russia would continue to advocate for the Sino-Russian solution, known as the “double freeze”: suspension of the North Korean nuclear and ballistic program and cessation of the joint military exercises of the United States and South Korea .


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