Putin: “Russia Could Disintegrate The United States In Less Than Half An Hour If It Wanted To”!!

For those who do not know, joke apart but Putin is considered by the West as a potential danger, not only for Russia but for America! The American media who denounce conspiracy do not lose an opportunity to blame Donald Trump as a Russian agent and Edward Snowden as well and that the Russians generally plot against the United States.

You have to understand that Putin is preventing his own citizens from expressing himself and it is a very dangerous situation that generally leads to a dictatorship.


Putin said he could annihilate the United States in less than half an hour. Putin and US President Donald Trump, have a relationship that is unstable at the moment.

Putin is really struggling with the fact that the United States is trying to incite the Europeans to build an anti-missile shield in Eastern Europe. It is a betrayal that has pushed the Russians to point several nuclear warheads in our leadership since the 90s.



Written by How Africa

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