Putin Reveals The Biggest Mistake Of Russia Against The USA And France.

The Russian President made a speech at the closing session of the 14th edition of the Valdai Discussion Club on the theme of “World of the future: from confrontation to harmony”.

On the last day of this annual meeting, Putin made a topo of the latest developments in Syria, issues relating to North Korea, relations between Russia and America whose cooperation as two nuclear powers and also dangers of the two-speed politics of the West. In this respect, the Russian President has said that one of the biggest mistakes of his country in the last few years has been to put too much faith in Europe and more generally in Western countries.

He even added: “… and the biggest mistake of the West has been to have interpreted this trust of the Russians as a weak point on the part of black and to have benefited from it. I want to say that these mistakes should no longer occur in the future and that our relationship should now be based on mutual respect and equal participation in any project. ”

Regarding the actions of NATO on the Russian border, Putin said: “We are watching very closely these actions; we analyze them one by one, and I can say that we have no worries about this because we have already considered an adequate response to any measure coming from NATO. ”


The situation in the Korean peninsula was considered very dangerous by Vladimir Potine who explained that the danger was mainly due to the fact that the world did not have access to facilities that really existed in North Korea and that no one knew so far if Pyongyang could be slowed down by a possible preemptive strike. Putin recalls recourse to the principle of mutual respect and negotiation to get out of this North Korean crisis and the fact that Moscow could perfectly play the role of mediator in this matter.

The Russian president used the occasion to push a few punches to our senses. “Western leaders often talk about their commitment to resolving the world’s problems diplomatically, but in reality we are observing their selfish attitude,” he said, adding, “The egoism of Western countries also affects international institutions whose vocation is to ensure the interests of the countries and to establish a common road map. And this is how multilateral treaties and agreements and bilateral cooperation protocols are devoid of value. ”

Finally, Vladimir Putin rightly explained that some states of this world were doing their places to create disputes in the Middle East region and this for the undisguised purpose of better dominating this region.

“Instead of jointly managing regional crises and working for the fight against terrorism, they seek to perpetuate the chaos in the region,” he said according to Russian agencies before adding: “In parallel with this policy, another approach is the one that Russia has adopted in Syria. It cooperates with the central government of Damascus and other states of the region in the fight against terrorism, within the framework of international laws. “.

Putin who has managed to close this subject in a pragmatic way:

“Positive developments are not so easy. Serious differences persist in the Middle East, but with patience and dexterity, we cooperate with all the actors of the process. ”



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